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3 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Tidy for Longer

Because no one wants to spend their life cleaning!

We know that the bathroom can be the hardest room in the house to keep on top of – it gets used every single day and often by multiple people! We’ve seen many bathrooms on our travels making wet areas sparkle again all over Australia, so we have picked up a few great tips for how to keep your shower [and bathroom in general] looking tip top for longer without all the back breaking and time-consuming scrubbing! 

Tip 1 – De-clutter! 

The more things sitting on your vanity sink and in your shower, the more places dirt, mould and grime can hide! Be realistic about how many of these products you actually use – if there are some that haven’t been opened for weeks, move them into a bathroom cupboard instead! Remove perfume and cologne from the bathroom too, the heat and moisture in bathrooms is not good for them anyway. You’ll find it much easier to keep surfaces clean and dry if you don’t have to move so many bits and pieces out of the way to wipe them down. 

Tip 2 – Do A Little Bit Every Day

If you leave the bathroom to collect hair, dust, moisture, and grime for even a week, the clean up job is a far more painful one than it needs to be! We suggest having a dedicated cloth/gentle cleaning product in the bathroom cupboard so once you are fresh and looking your best, you can give the sink, bench, and your shower a quick once over and prevent anything building up and becoming a bigger issue down the track. If you have shower screens, wiping them down of excess water and soap scum after every use is how to keep them looking their best, the same goes with the whole shower! A quick wipe over to remove access water can stop mould and mildew building up on grout in the first place.

Tip 3 – Call The Grout Guy! 

You might have bought a new house with a neglected shower or two, or maybe life is super busy, and you just haven’t had time to care for your bathroom tiles or grout the way you would like to. Don’t stress - we can help! Don’t spend the weekend on your hands and knees trying to undo years of damage, our grout experts can get your tiles and grout looking brand new in just a few short hours. And from there it’s super easy to keep them looking great, no scrubbing or harsh chemicals required!  

Ready to give your shower or bathroom a new lease on life? Simply contact our team at The Grout Guy and arrange a free, fast quote for grout repair, replacement, and/or leaking shower repair today!

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August 23, 2021
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He worked till 8pm on the second night to finish up and he applied multiple trade skills to make it come together for me. If he’s up for promotion/pay rise anytime soon I couldn’t think of any one more deserving because of his work ethic and skill set. Just thought I’d let the company know how happy I am.
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