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5 Reasons To Leave Your Grout Repair To A Professional

It really isn't a DIY job!

Regrouting may appear like a straightforward task, but there are so many reasons to leave it to the
professionals. We understand our team of grout experts make it look easy, but below are just 5 of
the top reasons to leave it to the people that have the training and expertise to handle leaking
, grout and tile repair, or regrouting at your home, business or investment property.

1. Saves money

Regrouting requires many tools and materials that add up, especially if you aren’t sure if you are
even buying the right stuff! Our team have the best tools, the latest equipment and all the materials
required to get the job done properly (the first time!) and once you get a quote, you’ll see our grout
experts can do the job for much less then it would cost you to buy all that is required.

2. Saves time

Our grout experts are highly trained professionals, so just like an experienced hairdresser can give
you an amazing haircut in just 30 minutes, we can refresh/repair your wet areas in a fraction of the
time it would take you to embark on the job yourself.

3. Ensures you get a quality job and professional finish

We offer a 10 year waterproof guarantee against leaks for all fully sealed showers, so not only can you be
certain you will get the quality look and finish you want, but you can also be sure that it will last the
test of time. Engaging our experts means you can be assured of the skills of the person completing
the job - all our Grout Guys are employed directly by us so we know they are able to deliver the high
quality of work and customer service we are famous for.

4. Prevents further damage

Even with the best of intentions accidents happen, and the cost of repairing them can be far exceed
that of getting our grout experts in to do the work in the first place. Working with power tools in wet
areas is a job that takes years to learn and master, so don’t risk going it alone. Get our team in to
take care of it and avoid the stress of getting it wrong and/or potentially making things worse.

5. Saves your sanity!

We get it, some DIY projects can be an exciting challenge. Painting the fences, hanging some new
window treatments, or getting the lawn looking perfect are great examples, but we would not
recommend handling grout repair or replacement yourself. There are just so many things that can go
wrong, so why put yourself under that kind of stress – that is what we are here to handle for you!

Ready to revamp your wet areas? Get a fast, free quote from our friendly team today and take the
stress out of regrouting. Check out the gallery of before and afters on our website, they are sure to
inspire you and give you a good idea of how skilled our team is – there really is no job too tough for
The Grout Guy!

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November 18, 2020



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He worked till 8pm on the second night to finish up and he applied multiple trade skills to make it come together for me. If he’s up for promotion/pay rise anytime soon I couldn’t think of any one more deserving because of his work ethic and skill set. Just thought I’d let the company know how happy I am.
Shane Denton
I just wanted to thank your team for an amazing tile renovation that was recently carried out in our home. People are blown away by the transformation and the high standard of the work. I am one very satisfied customer. I would be more than happy for you to use me for a reference. Many thanks.
Karen Wilson