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5 Smart Shower Storage Ideas That Protect Your Grout

And keep your wet areas sparkling for longer!

Once our team have completed a tile and grout clean, regrout or grout/tile repair on your shower, it
makes sense that you would want to keep it looking as fresh and clean for as long as possible.

There are many shower storage ideas you can implement easily at your place to protect your shower
from accumulating unsightly dirt, grime, mould and soap scum so we have compiled this quick list of
our five favourites - all designed to help extend the already long life of the work our expert grout
professionals undertake.

No matter the style, size, shape or age of your shower, here are a few ways to avoid clutter building
up that invites nasties to thrive and destroy your grout!

1. Simple shower caddy

These can be as minimalistic or complex as you need them to – the concept is not new and
so there are heaps of different models available depending on your needs and budget.
Our tip? Avoid cheap products that often rust and leave marks on your tiles. And please,
avoid the temptation to stack too many large bottles in an undersized caddy – if it comes
loose or falls you can risk chipping tiles and causing bigger problems! We found this one
from Kmart for just $9!

2. Space saving corner shelves

These are great for ensuring you can store your shampoo bottles no matter how tall they
are– the adjustable shelves mean you can keep everything off the floor of your shower
safely and stylishly! This one from Bunnings is modern yet sturdy and would suit a variety of
shower types.

3. Hanging mesh shower organiser

For those who are battling with a shower curtain/rod this is a great way to save space whilst
maintaining a simple and clean aesthetic for your shower. Hanging via the rod and falling on
the inside of the shower curtain, they help keep unsightly bottles and razors neatly tucked
out of view and off the shower floor – this one would blend it well against any colour shower
curtain, although you can get them in almost any colour or style if you prefer to make a
statement with yours!

4. Suction Baskets

These are awesome for all the kids’ bath and shower toys – you can stop them building up in
the bottom of your shower or bath and get them organised quickly and cost effectively!
These ones from IKEA are only $10 each and you can get creative with placement to spruce
up any shower or shower/bath!

5. Silicone bathroom storage holder

If you are the ultimate multi-tasker type who likes to brush their teeth in the shower too,
this is for you! The silicone is easy to clean, and the lack of sharp edges makes it a safe
alternative to some of the other shower caddy options that have sharper edges and
protrude into your space. Great for the men who love to leave their razors on the shower
recess too – this is perfect for keeping his shower tools neat and clean and off your fresh

It is wise to regularly remove this type of shower caddy and clean underneath it to ensure
there is nothing nasty building up behind it that could damage your tiles or grout in the long
term if left unchecked.

Ask our friendly team about what they use at home when they are at your place next - we are more
than happy to discuss what could work best for your shower (because you can be sure we will always
have your grout’s best interest in mind)!

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August 11, 2020



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