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5 Stunning Showers from Around the Globe

Get ready to have some serious #showerenvy!

We had fun preparing this for you - who doesn’t love a great shower, right? Remember, we can help you get your old, grubby shower looking brand new again without having to travel to the other side of the world for inspiration… (not that we can even head anywhere right now if we wanted to!).

1. In touch with nature: We love the wooden feel and embracing nature vibe of this Swedish shower! The pot plants are a great touch too, just need to work out how to successfully create a hole in the ceiling above the shower… The Grout Guy can’t help you with that unfortunately!

2. Curves for days: This Greek pool house shower is something to behold! So many questions… how did they get the plaster to bend and curve like this so beautifully, how do you clean it, and what would The Grout Guy be able to help you with if this was your shower?!

3. Absolute opulence: Every day would be a #GROUT day if this was your bathroom, right?! This Italian penthouse boasts this luxurious shower with the bench seat you have always wanted as well – now you can shave your legs and/or rest your weary feet while you get clean after a long day!

4. Unusual materials: This master bathroom in Ibiza caught our attention for obvious reasons… what is that bath made of? Not sure we would be comfortable climbing that ladder to get in either – but rest assured if this shower was in Australia we could help keep the tiles and grout clean and mould free.

5. When size does matter: You could have your birthday party in this shower [although we’re just not sure everyone would decide to come along if you did! ]. There is room to come up with a complete dance routine to go along with your usual singing in the shower in this Columbian design – and at The Grout Guy we could certainly ensure your grout was looking as fresh as your dance moves for years to come.

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July 5, 2021
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He worked till 8pm on the second night to finish up and he applied multiple trade skills to make it come together for me. If he’s up for promotion/pay rise anytime soon I couldn’t think of any one more deserving because of his work ethic and skill set. Just thought I’d let the company know how happy I am.
Shane Denton
I just wanted to thank your team for an amazing tile renovation that was recently carried out in our home. People are blown away by the transformation and the high standard of the work. I am one very satisfied customer. I would be more than happy for you to use me for a reference. Many thanks.
Karen Wilson