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Before You Renovate, Consider Regrouting First!

You Can Save Time, Money and Stress by Calling The Grout Guy

Whether you are considering revamping your investment property, or are just getting tired of your
old, grubby wet areas at your own home, a simple tile and grout clean* or grout repair/replacement
can make a staggering difference to the look and appeal of your bathroom, kitchen or laundry!

After all, we would know. We are the best in Perth and Melbourne at making your wet areas sparkle

Not only do you end up with refreshed grout and tiles, you will have the satisfaction of knowing the
area is completely clean, hygienic and free of mould, dirt and other germs that can cause harm to
anyone frequenting those areas! We should all be hyper vigilant under the current circumstances,
and so we can guarantee our team will leave your wet areas safe, sanitised and squeaky clean.

This comprehensive process completed by our professional team of grout experts is cost-effective
and takes only a few hours. Compared to ripping out, spraying or re-surfacing tiles, being a few of
the common renovation techniques we see when clients are looking to spruce their homes,
regrouting will save you thousands and you get just as good a result (if not better!) in a fraction of
the time it takes to complete a traditional renovation.

Plus, your tenants only need stay out of the shower or off the regrouted areas for 24-36 hours, so
you won’t have to put them up in temporary accommodation while we get things looking brand
new. And if we are tackling the wet areas at your place? Same goes, plus we can diagnose any
additional problems we encounter on site and with your approval, repair any holes or cracks in the
tiles there and then so you can enjoy your fresh new bathroom, kitchen or laundry for years to come
with no issues or further leaks.

Importantly, all our work is guaranteed and when it comes to leaks, we offer a 10 Year Waterproof
Warranty giving you total peace of mind.

If you don’t think regrouting will do the trick, check out our before and after photos here (and
prepare to stand corrected)! In most cases, a straightforward grout repair or replacement will do
wonders for your tiled areas and you can save yourself the heartache of spending thousands and co-
ordinating tradesmen coming and going. It just takes one quick call to The Grout Guy for an
obligation free shower, grout or tile assessment, so get in touch with us first!

*Tile and grout cleaning only available in WA.

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July 23, 2020



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He worked till 8pm on the second night to finish up and he applied multiple trade skills to make it come together for me. If he’s up for promotion/pay rise anytime soon I couldn’t think of any one more deserving because of his work ethic and skill set. Just thought I’d let the company know how happy I am.
Shane Denton
I just wanted to thank your team for an amazing tile renovation that was recently carried out in our home. People are blown away by the transformation and the high standard of the work. I am one very satisfied customer. I would be more than happy for you to use me for a reference. Many thanks.
Karen Wilson