stained wall and dirty tiles

The same way you put in the work and make time to keep yourself fit and fantastic (hopefully!), your shower grout needs the same kind of attention in order to stay looking clean and healthy all year round.  Maintaining those fresh bathroom feels can prove challenging at times (just like exercise or anything good for … Read more

Get Summer Ready – Arrange A Grout Guy Quote To Freshen Your Wet Areas When it comes to outdoor showers, the only limit is your imagination. With such a wide range of eco-friendly materials available and so much inspiration around via social media these days, you don’t need to look hard to find something to … Read more


Added protection for your grout for up to 15 years! ‍We are all about finding new and improved ways to ensure your tiles and grout stay sparkling for longer, so we are excited to announce our new Grout Guy spray sealer product that our team are now using after every regrouting job! In the same … Read more


Including of course, regrouting your bathroom, laundry, or shower! ‍With the cooler weather starting to creep back in, you might be starting to think about freshening up your home. Good idea! Just don’t stress if you don’t have the budget for a total overhaul – there is plenty you can do to brighten things up … Read more

Leaking Shower Repair

That’s right – our team are multi-talented! You already know (or, you should!) that we take the old grout out and put the new grout in, but did you know that isn’t ALL we do? Our team of grout experts can assist you with a range of tile and grout services in Perth, Melbourne, Geelong… … Read more

Don’t put up with grubby kitchen grout! ‍We spend so much of our time in or around the kitchen, so it is no surprise we end up wearing down the grout there quickly, leaving it highly susceptible to damage and easily stained by anything that hits the floor. Our grout experts can help with mouldy … Read more


You Can Save Time, Money and Stress by Calling The Grout Guy Whether you are considering revamping your investment property, or are just getting tired of your old, grubby wet areas at your own home, a simple tile and grout clean* or grout repair/replacement can make a staggering difference to the look and appeal of your bathroom, … Read more