THE GROUT GUY 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Fixing a Leaking Shower

Want to fix that annoying leaking shower? Before you grab your toolbox, read further, as there are several common pitfalls that can lead to more harm than good.

1. Delaying the Process 

Neglecting a leaking shower can have significant consequences. Water damage and mould growth can cause structural issues and affect the value of your property. 

Ignoring the problem can also lead to long-term financial consequences, as the damage may worsen over time and require costly repairs. Seek a professional assessment by The Grout Guy as we can accurately identify the source of the leak and address the underlying problem.

2. Fixing the Wrong Issue

It’s important to identify the signs of a leaking shower accurately. Simply sealing a gap around the shower head may not address the underlying problem. Hidden leaks in the walls or problems with the shower pan or drain could be the real cause.

To avoid this mistake, it’s recommended to seek professional help. Professionals like The Grout Guy use state-of-the-art technology like thermal imaging and leak detectors to accurately locate the source of the leak. By addressing the root cause, long-term solutions can be implemented for a reliable and permanent fix.

3. Cutting Corners and Quick Fixes

Improper repairs and the use of inadequate materials can lead to subpar solutions that compromise the quality of the repair. By opting for temporary solutions, you risk exacerbating the problem and incurring additional expenses in the long run.

Using temporary solutions such as improper patching, inadequate sealing, or incorrect diagnosis can lead to insufficient repairs that won’t effectively address the underlying issue. Quick fixes may provide a temporary stop to the leakage, but they often fail to address the root cause of the problem.

Skim coating, for example, may temporarily stop the leak but isn’t a reliable long-term fix. It’s essential to consult professionals who have the expertise and experience to address the root cause of the leak and provide permanent and reliable solutions.

4. DIY Mistakes

Common DIY mistakes include inadequate preparation, improper sealing, and using incorrect materials. These mistakes can result in ongoing leaks, water damage, and the need for more extensive repairs.

In addition, without the necessary tools and knowledge, DIY shower leak repairs may not address the root cause of the leak and could potentially create new problems.

It’s essential to use proper techniques, tools and materials, to ensure a successful repair.

Professional assistance is often the best choice to avoid potential risks caused by DIY methods. Contact The Grout Guy today for all your leaking shower repair needs. 

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