THE GROUT GUY Preventing Soap Scum Build Up On Your Tiles

5 Simple Tips For A Healthy Shower

‍We know that fighting soap scum build up in your shower and/or bath can be an endless battle, but in our line of work we have collected loads of little tips and tricks to help make this job a little less tenuous.

‍It is especially important to take extra care of your shower following any treatment by The Grout Guy experts such as regrouting, grout replacement or tile/grout repair, so we hope these ideas inspire you to keep up the good work caring regularly for your shower so that our hard work refreshing your wet areas lasts as long as it should!

  1. ‍Have a small spray bottle of vinegar and water in your bathroom and spray everything down after each shower.
  2. ‍Consider using liquid body soap instead of traditional bar soap. Using a shower gel or body wash can mean a substantial reduction in scum build up.
  3. ‍Keep a dedicated ‘drying’ towel in your bathroom and quickly dry your bathtub and shower after every use. The water and soap are what get together to form soap scum particles, so wiping the majority of the water away will reduce the reaction, and in turn the build up.
  4. ‍The more minerals you have in your water, the worse your soap scum problem will be, so consider investing in a water softening shower head if you have particularly hard water at your place.
  5. ‍ Finally, add a little Epsom salts to your bath! They not only help soothe sore muscles (for the gym junkies out there), but they also reduce the ability for the minerals in the water and soap to react with one another, significantly reducing soap scum build up!

‍If you need help with your grubby shower grout or tiles, you can always contact our experts for an obligation free quote in both Perth and Melbourne. Why not reach out and let us help you get those wet areas sparkling again, and from there the above will help you keep them that way!

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.