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We Can Help with More Than Just Grout!

That’s right – our team are multi-talented!

You already know (or, you should!) that we take the old grout out and put the new grout in, but did
you know that isn’t ALL we do? Our team of grout experts can assist you with a range of tile and
grout services in Perth, Melbourne, Geelong… and now Sydney, too!

Leaking Shower Repair

If you have noticed paint bubbling on walls adjacent to you shower, or dampness appearing in and
around your bathroom, it’s very likely your shower is leaking – but not in the dripping tap or leaking
shower head way you might be thinking. Grout that has broken down over time allows water to
ingress behind tiles and causes havoc – but we can fix this quickly and easily without removing a
single tile! Our team can replace your old, mouldy, leaking shower grout and have your shower
looking brand new in a few short hours.

Grout Replacement

Maybe your shower isn’t leaking just yet, but if your grout is discoloured, mouldy, and crumbling
away in places you will still benefit from regrouting. Stop scrubbing endlessly at grout that is never
going to look clean and fresh again – call our team and arrange a free quote for brand new grout and
enjoy having a shower again without being surrounded by gross and grubby grout/silicone.

Tile and Grout Repair

During the grout replacement process or while fixing leaking showers, we also check tiles for cracks
and hairline fractures which not only look unsightly but can also cause major leaks/issues down the
track. We can repair them on the spot to prevent further damage and ensure your shower stays
looking it best for years to come.

Wherever you have grout, we can help!

We don’t just deal with shower grout – we can help get your laundry, bathroom, or kitchen grout
sparkling again too! Not to mention tiled balcony areas or your commercial/office tiled spaces;
wherever there are tiles and grout, our experts can help!

Contact our team and arrange a free, fast quote for grout repair, replacement, and leaking shower
repair and more today!

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April 9, 2021
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He worked till 8pm on the second night to finish up and he applied multiple trade skills to make it come together for me. If he’s up for promotion/pay rise anytime soon I couldn’t think of any one more deserving because of his work ethic and skill set. Just thought I’d let the company know how happy I am.
Shane Denton
I just wanted to thank your team for an amazing tile renovation that was recently carried out in our home. People are blown away by the transformation and the high standard of the work. I am one very satisfied customer. I would be more than happy for you to use me for a reference. Many thanks.
Karen Wilson