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You Need The Grout Guy!

One of the most common misconceptions that we come across in our industry is that a leaking
shower is a plumbing issue, caused as a dripping shower head, leaky taps or maybe even a burst
pipe. We know however, that most leaks are caused by the breakdown of grout in the shower, and
can be repaired without having to engage a plumber (or any other trade) at all.

So please, before you call a plumber – call the Grout Guy first!

The leak is almost always coming from the shower and caused by grout that has deteriorated,
allowing water to leak through behind the tiles onto walls and in some cases, down into nearby
carpet. The Grout Guy can repair the leak quickly and cost effectively, and without removing any

Signs you have a leaking shower at your place can be:

– Bubbling paint on adjacent walls/on the other side of the shower walls which could be in the
bedroom or hallway
– Rusting door frames
– Damp carpet to bathroom/ensuite entry

A leaking shower can cause all sorts of long-term serious damage if left unattended. In timber
framed homes this can be rotting timber framing and skirting boards which are a breeding ground
for mould and bacteria. Even in brick homes, the bubbling paint and soggy carpet can leave the same
trail of mildew and costly repairs in its wake.

Rest assured the Grout Guy can repair your leaking shower quickly and cost-effectively, and you will
be able use your shower again the very next day. Our grout experts remove the old grout and
silicone and replace it with new, leaving the area sealed, clean and looking brand new again!

Don’t put it off any longer! Contact our friendly team today and get your obligation free quote for
leaking shower repair. We will not only stop the leaks, but in just a few hours your shower will look
new again!

The Grout Guy

The Grout Guy

At The Grout Guy, we are more than just a team of qualified tiling experts – we're your go-to source for top-notch regrouting and tile repair services that are both cost-effective and reliable. Our commitment to excellence has made us industry leaders in stopping leaks for households and commercial properties. From showers, bathrooms, balconies, and laundries we can breathe new life into any tiled spaces and make them look brand new again.

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.