Upgrade your life by joining The Grout Guy Team today!

Let’s face it – there is a lot of uncertainty in the construction industry and trades in general at the moment. If you run your own tiling business you have to keep the pipeline full, deal with builders and let’s not get started on the finance admin side of things.

It can be stressful – chasing work, paying bills, doing admin, waiting months to be paid and sometimes not getting paid at all. It also means time at home is often sacrificed. Less time with your partner and kids, and hobbies forget it… But there are opportunities to kick this life to the curb ready for you right now.

Many who have joined The Grout Guy team had worked for themselves and got to the point where they wanted out, craved an easier lifestyle. They wanted a life upgrade! Joining The Grout Guy team was the solution.

No matter what your background, The Grout Guy represents a stable and stress-free work environment with the job security that comes with working for a large and well-respected organisation.


You can upgrade your life tomorrow by joining The Grout Guy Team today!

Joining and working at The Grout Guy is a super easy process. If you are interested in a career with The Grout Guy, browse any available jobs on the website or submit your application to us for consideration as positions arise.

If you’re successful, you will be set up with a van and initial training to get you familiar with the organisation and the type of work we do. The Grout Guy team will book and send you jobs through the app on your phone. You’ll receive all the support you need but you’ll also work independently.

As one team member put it: “The Grout Guy will set you up and away you go. It's like I’m running my own business but without all the hassles that comes with running a business.”


Benefits of joining The Guy Grout Team

  • You’ll be part of a large and well-respected organisation
  • Steady pay cheque and job security – no more chasing unpaid bills
  • Leave behind the extra administration work of running your own business
  • Work van supplied
  • Short initial training to get you up to speed with The Grout Guy systems and processes
  • Great work environment and a supportive team
  • Get back time for family and hobbies

Eligibility Requirements

  • An Australian citizen: a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport is proof of eligibility.
  • A permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand citizen who has entered Australia on a valid passport: you are allowed to stay and work in Australia without restriction‍.

Current Positions available