THE GROUT GUY Introducing Our New Grout Guy Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Safe, tough, and made in Australia!

We are always on the lookout for new and improved ways to ensure your tiles and grout stay sparkling clean and fresh for longer, so we are excited to announce our new Grout Guy multi-purpose cleaning product! 

Multi Purpose Cleaner from The Grout Guy

What is so great about this new cleaner, you ask? 

1. Safe to use

Our TGG MPC (multipurpose cleaner) is water-based and non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and has non-irritant properties. It is low foaming and has virtually no odour and is not an irritant or sensitiser which makes it totally safe to use at home. 

2. Eco-friendly

This new MPC is non-toxic and readily biodegradable which is why it has such an excellent environmental profile.

3. Powerful 

It has high solvency power and effective cleaning power for a wide range of applications – not just your shower and bathroom! An industrial strength cleaner, it can be used on floors, hard surfaces, equipment machinery, kitchens, and even stainless steel. It will not however damage rubber, plastic, automotive paintwork, or metals (when used as recommended, of course). 

4. Australian Made

We all love to keep our hard-earned cash in the country, so you can rest assured that buying this great cleaning product means supporting the Australian Made Campaign. 

5. A little goes a LONG way

For just $55 inc GST for a 1L tub, you will have up to 20L of professional cleaning solution on hand! 

Are you dealing with grubby grout at your place? Arrange a free, fast quote for grout repair, replacement, and/or leaking shower repair today and you’ll have the chance to speak to our Grout Guys about the many benefits of our incredible new cleaner (and getting some for yourself)! 

The Grout Guy

The Grout Guy

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.