THE GROUT GUY The Grout Guy Can Help with More Than Just Your Grubby Grout!

Do you know that we can help with much more than removing and replacing gross grout? Our team of grout specialists can provide a variety of tile and grout services in Perth, Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney and Brisbane!

Leaking Shower Repair

Have you seen paint bubbling on walls near your shower or dampness around the bathroom? It’s very likely your shower is leaking – not just from a dripping tap or broken head, but from worn down grout. We can fix this without removing any tiles! Our team will replace the old, mouldy, and leaking grout in just a few hours and have your shower looking brand new again in no time.

Grout Replacement

No leaks in your shower, yet? If your shower grout is discoloured, mildewed, and crumbling, you’ll still benefit from regrouting. Stop trying to scrub something that can’t be rejuvenated – call us and get a fast, free quote for new grout! Then you can appreciate your shower again without being surrounded by nasty looking grout or silicone.

Tile and Grout Repair

While we are replacing your grout or fixing a leaking shower, we’ll also check the tiles for any cracks or hairline fractures. Not only do these look unpleasant, but they can cause major problems in future. We can repair them quickly to prevent further damage and keep your shower looking its best for years to come.

Wherever you have grout, we can help!

We don’t just deal with shower grout – we can help get your laundry, bathroom, or kitchen grout sparkling again too! Not to mention tiled balcony areas or your commercial/office tiled spaces; wherever there are tiles and grout, our experts can help!

Contact our team and arrange a free, fast quote for grout repair, replacement, and leaking shower repair and more today!

The Grout Guy

The Grout Guy

At The Grout Guy, we are more than just a team of qualified tiling experts – we're your go-to source for top-notch regrouting and tile repair services that are both cost-effective and reliable. Our commitment to excellence has made us industry leaders in stopping leaks for households and commercial properties. From showers, bathrooms, balconies, and laundries we can breathe new life into any tiled spaces and make them look brand new again.

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.

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The Grout Guy can provide a FREE quote and in-home inspection from one of our experienced and LOCAL consultants.