THE GROUT GUY Bathroom Bliss: 3 Non-White Colours to Try

White may be the classic bathroom colour, but it can get a bit boring. It is great for your grout to be sparkling (and it will be if you have recently had a visit from your local Grout Guy) but if you’ve decided to liven up your bathroom in other areas, there are plenty of options out there.

From bold blues to striking greens, the possibilities are almost endless. To give you some inspiration, here are three non-white colours to consider when planning your bathroom redesign. They’ll add warmth, texture, and visual interest to your otherwise white bathroom, creating a truly unique space that’s sure to impress!

If you’re ready to break away from traditional white walls and floors and explore the world of colourful bathrooms, read on—we’ll walk you through our top three picks for non-white colours that will instantly elevate your bathroom experience.

Mood-Inducing Shades

Have you ever noticed that bathrooms that feature bold, non-white colours tend to have a much more invites feeling than those full of plain white tile? That’s because colour has the power to transform a room into a tranquil oasis or an energized hangout. To help you take your bathroom design up a notch, here are three mood-inducing shades to try:

Rich Green: When you think of green bathroom decor, you may think of mint green or pale seafoam. But why not go bold and choose a deeper, lush shade? Rich greens are great for creating an air of serenity in the space without it feeling dark or too boring.

Dark Blue: Rich blues add depth and class to any room—and the bathroom is no exception! Think navy blue wall panels with marble flooring for an eye-catching palette.

Beige: Beige isn’t typically known as a “moody” colour—but with careful choice of accents (think gold fixtures and bright blues towels) it can be! Choose natural materials such as wood and stone tile like marble flooring to create an airy feel.

Versatile Monochromatic Tones

Monochromatic tones can be a great way to add colour to your bathroom design without going overboard. Soft, muted colours easily blend and support the environment you are creating. Take, for example, shades of green, pink and blue – these colours add visual interest to a room without overwhelming it.

When it comes to selecting your monochromatic tones, think about the mood you want the space to evoke – you might choose shades of pink for a calming atmosphere or a brighter blue to give your bathroom an invigorating feel. You might opt for shades of green for an earthy, natural look, or go for a navy or black for a bold, dynamic impact.

The possibilities are truly endless! From pastels to jewel tones, you’re sure to find the perfect hue — one that exudes both style and personality — and helps bring your bathroom bliss dreams into reality.

Add Impact with Colours and Textures

Are you looking to add some extra style and character to your bathroom? The good news is it can be done with a few simple changes to colour and texture. Let’s look at three options that are sure to make your bathroom stand out.

1. Navy Blue

A classic navy blue is an impressive way to capture the look of the high seas in your bathroom, even if it isn’t on the ocean itself! This shade of blue adds richness, depth, and sophistication to the space — and it works with almost any room colour scheme.

2. Moss Green

Bring some nature inside with the cool tones of moss green in your bathroom. This hue adds just the right amount of colour while still being soothing and calming — perfect for tranquil mornings getting ready or winding down after a long day.

3. Grey

Looking for something a little more neutral? Grey is a great option for its versatility and timeless look. From grey tile floors to grey vanity tops, you can choose from different shades for unlimited design possibilities. And remember – adding texture enhances the look even more!

Pick an Eye-Catching Focal Point Colour

Sometimes, the little touches are what make all the difference. If you want to add some vibrant colour to your bathroom without overwhelming it completely, why not pick one feature piece, such as a tile backsplash or a shower wall and go with a standout colour?

The options are endless; here are three colours that you could try:

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is a great way to introduce a warm tone into your bathroom. This bright colour really stands out when paired with white tiles and will instantly make your bathroom appear more modern and stylish. It’s an easy way to bring some life into an all-white space!

Dusty Blue

A muted dusty blue looks elegant and sophisticated against white tiles, creating an atmosphere of luxury in your own home. The calming hue serves as a great contrast to brighter shades in the room, creating interest and making any space more interesting.

Emerald Green

Nothing says luxe like emerald green! This bold colour will stand out against whites and other neutrals in the space. If you’re feeling brave enough to embrace some intense colour in your bathroom, then this is definitely one of the best choices you can make — it will have people amazed at the transformation!

Balance Bold Colours with Neutrals

If you want to go bold and add colour to your bathroom, try starting with a neutral shade and then pairing it with a contrasting pop of colour. Stick to smaller accessories and accent pieces, like towels, bathroom rugs and shower curtains, to avoid the look being too overpowering.

A great way to make sure you don’t end up with something that looks out-of-place or silly is this simple trick: for every colourful piece you choose, pick one neutral item of the same intensity. This helps ensure that you’ve created a balanced space that feels both intentional and stylish.

With the right colours, even the smallest of bathrooms can be transformed into a blissful retreat. So why not change the decor of your bathroom to something more exciting, and create a space you can enjoy and be proud of?

The Grout Guy can help ensure your grout isn’t bringing the overall feel of your bathroom down and deliver all the fresh grout feels! Trust us to make sure that your freshly grouted bathroom feels like a brand new one—no matter the size, shape, or style. If you’re sick of grubby grout and ready to take your bathroom from dull to delightful, get in touch with our friendly team of grout professionals today!

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